When choosing a path for your future, it can be both exciting and scary. With ample options and avenues to select from, a large number of students opt to study abroad.

Among those options available, Canada tops the list for Education. This is based on the 2021 Best Countries Report, where Canada ranks No.1

In the last few years, Canada has become the hub for international students. Here are 5 facts about student life in Canada for International students:

1) Multicultural Environment

To study in Canada as an international student means to live in a multicultural environment. People from all over the world immigrate to Canada for work, education and even opening businesses. Considering the fact that Canada is a cultural mosaic for many cultures, people from all communities can form lifelong bonds to ease the sense of loneliness that can occur from living in a new country. There are a number of communities, events and even festivals that are celebrated in universities to give students a taste of different cultures.

2) Flexible Work Programs in Canada for International Students

The Canadian government provides work programs for student life in Canada as an international student. This is an excellent way for international students to jump-start their careers and gain Permanent Residence status in the country as well. Companies are willing to take on college students part-time or as interns to help them get a head-start in the industry. Some universities even offer students the opportunity to work on campus, to enable them to support themselves. Working is permitted as long as students do not exceed part-time hours.  It’s crucial that students maintain their grades while working.

3) An Array of Activities, Events and Destinations to Choose From

Canada has a highly diverse population, resulting in a vibrant multicultural scene. For international students studying in Canada, there are lots of things to do and places to see. For example, students can visit the Montreal International Jazz Festival, attend concerts, cultural festivals, or enjoy sporting events.

Students can also take time to discover the natural beauty that Canada has to offer. The list includes a visit to the pristine Prince Edward Island beaches, the fjords of Saguenay, the Rockies and Lake Louise in Alberta, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Whistler Mountain in British Columbia, Perce Rock of the Gaspe in Quebec and much more.

4) Benefits of a World-Class Education

Canadian universities and diplomas are recognized around the world. The Canadian educational system also offers cross-disciplinary studies and development of skills using cutting-edge technology. According to the Times Higher Education’s World University Ratings, eight Canadian universities ranked in the top 200 in 2021 for the best universities in the world. The study programs delivered by Canadian universities focus on intriguing projects and are based on innovation.

The Canadian style of teaching is also highly effective, with traditional lectures, workshops, projects and assignments. The typical educational atmosphere in Canada is open and friendly, where professors guide students to become independent learners. Students are encouraged to communicate their misunderstandings. The lectures engage students and enhance analytical thinking.

5) 24/7 Food Options

In previous years, college campuses had strict regulations when it came to serving food. But with more restaurants entering the market and platforms like UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub, students have more access to a variety of cuisine and can get delivery round the clock.

Some students even opt for cooking at home, as they find it easier and cheaper than ordering take-out. For this reason, multiple grocery stores have been popping up near universities, to make life easier in Canada for international students who do not own a car.

Studying in Canada for international students is a promising prospect. Canada offers students the chance of a high-quality education, a multicultural environment, advanced healthcare facilities, affordable cost of living and mesmerizing landscapes.

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