Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada and need your family to join you? Well, here is some good news as your Canadian dream can be picture perfect with your family in it. The Canadian government understands the importance of family and the support system it offers; therefore, it encourages family unification and has created sponsorship programs that allow you to reunite with your family if the requirements laid out by the government are met. These sponsorship programs include Spouse /Conjugal partner or Common-Law Partner, Parent and Grandparent, Relatives and Dependent Child Sponsorship.
To sponsor your spouse, there are requirements that must be met by both the sponsor and the person being sponsored. Foreign nationals being sponsored for Canadian permanent residence by their spouse or common-law partner may be eligible to apply for an open work permit. The sponsor, however, must apply for spousal sponsorship from inside Canada through the inland spousal sponsorship process.

A spousal work permit allows your spouse to earn income from gainful employment and allows your spouse to work for any employer in any kind of job. We can help you prepare the work permit applications to ensure a successful outcome.