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Our settlement office is based in Canada, and we know Canada. Our trusted counsellors at our headquarters in India can help you make the right decision with our  study abroad service. Should you decide to come to Canada for your career, we know the job market and all of the challenges and opportunities here that can save a lot of hassle and money in trying the wrong things.

We can also help you to avoid unscrupulous recruiters and bad employers who want to take advantage of young people who are new to the country. Our team will help guide you in your journey to pursue your dreams.

study abroad service guidance

Admission Guidance

When students apply for admissions to an overseas institution, they can be bombarded with information that may or may not serve their individual needs. Every institution follows its own admission criteria and a student applying for as many universities as possible can get easily lost in the process –making it difficult to make an informed decision. Choosing the right course and college is critical in ensuring your future prospects. This is where WISA comes in. With our understanding of overseas education and career sectors, Wisa works alongside the client to make informed and strategic decisions. Our professionals will step in and help guide students through the process of enriching their education and studying abroad.

education counseling for study abroad service

Education Counselling

The thought of leaving home and staying in a foreign land can be daunting for students and may dissuade them from wanting to study abroad. Compromising their dreams, they may settle for less. Many times, students are burdened with questions, such as:

  • Is studying abroad really helpful?
  • Where can I study?
  • What are all the documents required for the admission and visa process?
  • Will I be eligible for a scholarship?
  • What are the visa formalities?
  • Where will I stay during the course, and most importantly, which course will provide long-term returns and a rewarding international career?

WISA understands the importance of each of these questions and assists students through the admissions process. We provide thorough counselling, visa assistance, interview preparation, pre-departure counselling and other services to ensure that a scholar becomes a successful global graduate. Taking into consideration the area of interest, language proficiency, academic background, co-scholastic accomplishments and more, WISA’s goal is to ensure a student’s profile is detailed and solid, with a high rate of acceptance. We have a high reputation of successfully sending students to study abroad. You could be the next!

study abroad service including visa processing

Study Visa Processing

Every year, thousands of students come to study in Canada. In order to do so, they must obtain a study permit issued by the Canadian government. This permit is a type of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) that allows students to study in Canada for a temporary period of time, and typically indicates the educational institution they are attending and course of study. To qualify, an applicant must fit a certain set of requirements.

IELTS Coaching included in study abroad service

IELTS Coaching

We provide online and in-person training sessions through our trusted partners with a wealth of experience in delivering this service across diverse geographic locations to help students prepare for the English examination IELTS. Our expert English instructors focus on quality IELTS training to ensure the candidate succeeds with our study abroad services.