Canada is known not only for its beautiful landscapes, but also for its lip-smacking vegetarian cuisine. Indian vegetarian food is extremely popular in Canada and there are a variety of vegetarian restaurants all across the country. For your convenience, we have listed some popular vegetarian joints to entice you to visit again and again.

Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants in Canada

#1 MeeT

Location- 1165 Mainland St., 4288 Main St., 12 Water St., Vancouver.

About– MeeT has locations in Yaletown, Gastown, and on the Main. The restaurant offers a vibrant look with amazing art exhibits, along with yummy vegan food and unique cocktails. The restaurant is spacious, and can easily accommodate a large group of people. MeeT’s decadent poutine with cashew miso gravy, stacked meatless burgers and rice bowls is a must-try.

#2 Planta Cocina

Location- 10 Temperance St., Fl. 1, Toronto

About- This restaurant offers a rich dining experience from the moment you walk in the door. Planta boasts an elegant interior space, with spacious dining rooms and high ceilings, along with delicious brunch, lunch and dinner menu options.  A few must-have dishes include the Questo Fundido and the Jackfruit Tinga.

#3 UTSAV Indian Cuisine

Location– 69 Yorkville Ave. Toronto, Ontario

About– UTSAV Indian Cuisine offers a wide range of food for vegetarians. Located in Toronto, Ontario, this restaurant offers a wide range of dishes coming straight from the heart of India. From Butter Paneer to Aloo Chana Masala, all the dishes are completely delicious. The restaurant offers both lunch and dinner, starting from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm for lunch and 2:30 pm to 10 pm for dinner. With order online options as well, one can make reservations before visiting to avoid standing in queues. UTSAV Indian Cuisine offers some delicious appetizers and platters and the service is top-notch and quick. The food will remind you of the flavors of India.

#4 Rosalinda Restaurant

Location- 133 Richmond St. W, Toronto

About– This restaurant offers a wide range of Mexican vegan food that is not just great in taste, but also healthy. The place is always crowded with people, not just because of the menu offered, but because of the vintage charm with plenty of natural light. Don’t leave without trying the chickpea and beet tostada and jackfruit pibil tacos.

#5 Chau Veggie Express

Location- 5052 Victoria Dr., Vancouver

About– Chau Veggie Express offers unique vegetarian meal options inspired from Vietnam. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with lilac-colored walls, a wooden bar and chandeliers. Apart from some flavourful vegan food options, customers can also enjoy the Namaste Roll made of vermicelli noodles and rice, or a bowl of rice noodles with lots of veggies.

Canada is chock full of vegetarian restaurants that offer much variety for vegans and vegetarians alike. The above-mentioned restaurants offer wonderful vegetarian food options at affordable prices, making them a must-visit if you are in Canada and want to explore the rich world of vegetarian food.

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