Canada is the land of dreams for immigrants from around the world. Each year, thousands of people apply for Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada. But in order to reach Canada officially and gain PR, it is good counsel to use the assistance of Immigration Consultants.

Immigration consultants are critical in providing the proper guidance with their expertise and experience. The key is ensuring the consultant you choose is reputable. Many fall prey to fake immigration consultants and risk losing all their money and their hopes of reaching Canada are dashed.

In this article, we will discuss this topic at length and provide tips on how to decipher which consultants are trustworthy so your immigration journey to Canada can be as stress-free as possible.

Signs That an Immigration Consultant is Fake

There are many ways by which an applicant can identify a scammer under the guise of a trustworthy Immigration Consultant.

Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Guaranteed job offer in Canada- The applicant needs to understand that they are likely being duped if given a  guaranteed job offer.

Why? These offers are considered illegal in any Canadian jurisdiction. These consultants guarantee a job offer and ask for a fee in return. From an employer’s point of view, it is not easy to hire a foreign worker unless there is a genuine need and no Canadian available to do the job.

The employer has to submit a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) where they need to show the government that a foreign worker is required to do the job.

A candidate should be very careful and cognizant of the fact that if any consultant guarantees a job in Canada in return for a fee, this is the most common way of operation for these opportunistic fraudsters.

  • Not Licensed- The ICCRC license authorizes an Immigration consultant to provide advice as a service to the candidates. The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) authorizes a consultant to provide legal service to candidates by representing a candidate or by giving advice. Each consultant has to go through rigorous training and testing before they can provide services to applicants on matters of immigration. The fake Immigration consultant will fail to give you an ICCRC license number, though they will give you various titles of their profession without any official authorization.
  • If they guarantee a successful Canadian Visa- These scammers feed on innocent candidates who are desperate to get an approved Visa. They will tell you exactly what an applicant wants to hear and take advantage of the situation. The applicant needs to understand that no one can guarantee a 100 % successful Canadian Visa, as there is a complete process and it takes months to submit a proper application. Apart from that, there are various factors that could impact the result of the application. So, a candidate should be very cautious and not fall for empty promises.
  • Retainer Agreement & Contract- Read the agreement and contract between the applicant and the immigration consultant carefully and thoroughly, no matter how long it takes, because there may be certain hidden payments and fees in the contracts that the candidate might miss while reading the contract.

These professional scammers are very polished and speak in seemingly genuine and caring manner — everything that a desperate candidate is looking for.

How to tell if an Immigration Consultant is genuine

There are many ways in which a candidate can filter out genuine consultants from fake ones. Although there are many traits that a reputable consultant will possess.

A few are mentioned below:

  • The Consultant should have a proper setup of the office. This can be checked by visiting the address or location.
  • The track record, past success in Visa approvals and if they can provide any kind of reference of a candidate to whom they had provided service earlier.
  • The kind of services offered by the Immigration Consultant should be mentioned on their agency’s website.
  • The consultant should have an ICCRC number and should be approved and authorized to provide consultancy services to a candidate.
  • The consultant will have in-depth knowledge of the immigration process.
  • They should maintain proper communication and be transparent with the candidate.

One can have an easier time identifying and choosing a reputable consultant who can help him/her get through the immigration process by following the above-mentioned points.

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