Canada is the world’s tenth-largest economy, and with its low population density and diversified economy, Canada has now become a highly preferred destination for immigrants. Apart from these factors, Canada is predominantly a liberal market economy with relatively little regulation in the labour market. This offers the promise of fair salaries, a high standard of living and a variety of exciting job offers, thereby making it a highly sought-after immigration destination.

As a premiere Canadian immigration consultancy in India, we assist candidates in the entire process of immigration to Canada. Our experience has enabled us to be knowledgeable of several factors that immigrants need to consider for job- based citizenship and PR in Canada.

Factors to Consider Before you Work in Canada

  • Bilingual Ability – English and French are the main languages used in Canada. Before you start work in Canada, knowledge and proficiency in at least one of the above languages is essential.
  • Education – Canadians highly value education. With a 99% literacy rate, more than 56% of the Canadian adult population has some form of tertiary qualification. Most high-paying job offers favour educated professionals. The immigration policies of Canada are designed to boost the immigration of skilled foreign workers. If you are completing your graduation in Canada, programs like Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) will help you to work in Canada after graduation for up to 3 years.
  • High Demand in the Technology Sector – It is easier to find a tech-based job in Canada — a country that has more than 40,000 companies in the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. Several provinces in Canada have separate channels of immigration for highly skilled and experienced foreign tech professionals. Special mention needs to be made of the video gaming industry in Canada that is expected to increase by 25% in the next two years. It is a $4.5 billion industry, where professional gamers and developers find fruitful employment.
  • Work Culture – The work culture in Canada is a mix of formal and informal aspects. While casual Fridays are the norm, lunch breaks are short and employees are expected to be invested in aiding their employers’ growth, which in turn enables their growth.

Factors That May Make it Difficult to Find Work in Canada

  • Lack of Work Experience – Canadian work experience is a necessity for those looking for jobs in Canada. This, however, does not indicate that someone is not good at their job.  Canadian work experience is a blanket term often used to cover lack of language skills, inability to adapt, unwillingness to learn new things, etc. Often, a few years of working at a lower-skilled job in Canada is appreciated more.
  • Non-Compliance to Canadian Standards – As a job seeker in Canada, you need to be well versed in Canada’s official languages. Proficiency in English is a necessity, while knowledge of French will give you a greater advantage. You should also create a CV that follows the Canadian resume format.
  • Misguidance – If you are misguided, you will be wasting your time searching for the wrong job profile or applying to places that do not match your requirements. A search through the proper channels is necessary for success.
  • Legal issues – Often, it is assumed that one can visit Canada on a travel visa and find a job. This is illegal. You will need a Canadian work permit to successfully apply for a job in Canada.

Keeping the above factors in mind, WISA India can guide you through the entire immigration process, from A to Z. Since 2021, the immigration process to Canada through employment has become a multi-channel approach. Contact us today for more information.