If you are looking to migrate to another country, then Canada is the place for you. The country is planning to welcome more than 1.4 million immigrants between 2021-2023. But before you apply for Canadian Immigration, you may be wondering if it’s necessary to get a job offer first.

Although having a job offer could help, it is possible to immigrate to Canada without a job offer. Here are your options to immigrate.

How can you move to Canada without a job offer?

One of the most popular ways to apply for Canadian immigration is via Express Entry. The Express Entry system is a points-based system that manages applications who seek permanent residency (PR) for those who can fulfill jobs where there is a lack of skilled Canadian workers.

The Express Entry system allows users to immigrate without a job offer that includes:

The Express Entry program streamlines the total application for Canada immigration. The process has become more transparent and has key features, such as:

  • No cap for applicants
  • Is open through the year
  • Applicable to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program
  • Applicants can submit an Expression of Interest to apply for programs
  • Profiles evaluations based on the point factor and are placed in the applicant pool
  • Applicants with the highest points are sent out invitations to apply for PR
  • Annual Immigration Levels are determined by the number of ITAs issued

Immigration candidates who submit their profiles in the Express Entry pool are assigned a CRS score out of 1200. Once the draw is conducted, those with higher CRS scores can apply for the PR visa. Once your CRS scores increase, the job offers improve in Canada.

The CRS score will vary according to the Express Entry draw and your chances of eligibility improve with a higher draw.

Next, we come to the Provincial Nominee Program or PNP.

What is the PNP or Provincial Nominee Program?

PNP or Provincial Nominee Program is a pathway that can help you apply for residency in Canada in 2021. The only exceptions are Quebec and Nunavut — all other provinces and territories in Canada are a part of PNP.

The eligibility requirements for PNP programs vary from province to province and have multiple streams for immigration induction. The idea of streams means that they specifically target a particular group of people.

Program streams that are run by territories and provinces are aimed at specific groups like – semi-skilled workers, skilled workers, business people and students.

Each immigration program is unique while keeping up with the existing gap in the labor force for the territory or province. But, some provinces do not require a job offer when applying for PNP.

The following provinces offer PNP visas without any job offers:

So, you can always get a PR visa and then apply for a job in Canada.

A Canada PR visa remains valid as long as the medical certificate is valid, which you have to give in as a part of your PR application process. In most cases, the medical certificate is valid for around 12 months.

When you migrate to Canada during this period, you have time to find and start working in Canada.

Living in Canada is the dream for some people, while for others, it offers better job opportunities and freedom. In some cases, you may need to find a job before you can think about migrating to Canada, but in situations like these, there are other options as well.

If you are interested in applying for immigrate to Canada without a job offer, then contact WISA India today!