WISA India is a Canada based firm that helps individuals and families who wish to settle in Canada.

About Us – WISA India’s in-house seasoned advisors, knowledge of local Canadian laws,  job market, governmental processes, and daily immigration updates help to position us squarely in the center of your journey, helping you to get the best chance for a successful transition from India to Canada. The management executives at WISA have spent decades understanding the system so they can help you make the most of your time and money.

Our Mission

Client Success

To be the key support in your immigration journey, from your dream of a new start to accomplishing it, for a brighter future abroad.

Our Values

Commitment & Diligence

  • We are committed to work for your better life.
  • We are dedicated to staying updated with the latest information.
  • We seek out and tackle challenges to ensure your success.
  • We see the journey through a newcomer’s eye to support you to settle better.

Our Vision


We envision your success and prosperity which will make your loved ones proud.

Our office staff will carefully assess your application and let you know exactly what your next steps are. With frankness and clear guidance, WISA India’s advisors will tell you your chances based on multiple factors from your English proficiency to the current policies in Canada, and how to change your approach to a different stream if you have a better chance.

With so many companies claiming to be the best, how do you choose an immigration consultant that is trustworthy, supportive, and knowledgeable and the great value for money for your journey?

You select the firm with

  • In-depth, local Canadian knowledge and a 360 network of employers, lawyers,  and settlement service providers.
  • A finger on the pulse of the immigration environment and minute-to-minute updates.
  • First-Hand experience in successfully immigrating to Canada.
  • Office consultants who treat you and your file as a person, not a number.
  • The ability to speak your language, and understand your personal goals.
  • Experienced, certified CICC consultants who are accountable to a rigorous professional association, governed by strict laws.

Choose WISA India, and get ready to spread your wings.

Why Choose WISA India?

about us

Moving to a new country can be both exciting and daunting. About us, our team of experts are focused on getting clients to Canada smoothly and efficiently through a variety of avenues, including studying in Canada and finding successful careers.

Our philosophy is simple – simplify the immigration process for you, our customer, so you can make your new start.  Our trusted team will steer you in the right direction so you can learn what to expect when you move to Canada, where to find information about jobs, student life, and who to talk to if you want help.

We take pride in our team of qualified and experienced advisors who have years of experience in the Canadian immigration process, and who stay up-to-date with the latest immigration policies. while adhering to the highest standards of CICC procedures (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). WISA India’s team and partners comprise seasoned advisory, support, and counselling professionals.

Whether you dream of a place with more opportunities for work or your family, or you want to try a different life in a new place, Canada is a possibility, and WISA India could be the right team to make it happen for you.

Based in India and Ready to Serve You!

About Us – WISA India is a professional and the leading immigration consultancy service provider based in Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi (India). With years of industry experience and a strong team of Canada immigration consultants, WISA India stands right at the top of the table as the best Canada immigration advisors in Delhi.

Additionally, we have also marked our presence through some of our satellite offices located at several locations in India and Dubai as well.

Seeing the rising number of immigration demands in India, we are offering our clients and individuals some of the best services and offers in the immigration industry in India. Though, it’s only been a year since we have started working in India, but that doesn’t make any difference as we already have set our foot as the leading immigration consultancy firm in India. 

Visit our office anytime and feel the difference on your own while utilising the best of our immigration based services right from consultancy, documentation, visa filing to the post landing services.

WISA headquarters

Our experience and knowledge of ever-changing immigration complexities can clear the clutter so you can make a plan for your dramatic life change.

Contact us now to begin your smooth and hassle-free immigration journey!