So, if you are looking for the best hands in immigration consultancy, look no further – meet the best team.

Because members of our team at WISA have successfully settled into life in Canada, we know what it takes, who to ask for help, and how to make it all work. We take pride in our team of qualified and experienced consultants who have years of experience in the Canadian immigration process, and who stay up to date with the latest immigration policies. while adhering to the highest standards of CICC procedures (College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants). WISA’s team and partners comprise fully licensed immigration practitioners (ICCRC Members), Lawyers, content managers, web developers, and support and advisory professionals.

WISA Corporate Advisory Committee (Canada)

Rajive Mehrotra

Corporate Strategy Lead, WISA Canada

As a young man who left India in 2001, I know the values that drive Indians to seek opportunities outside our country. The stability offered abroad makes it possible to gain experience and grow professionally and personally. I remember calling my mother to tell her I landed my first corporate job in Canada — a job where I was really using my skills in a position with respect and prestige I knew I was capable of. My mother was silent at first. I could tell she was crying joyful tears. She recognized that to achieve the same opportunity in India would have been very unlikely.
The pride of that day never left me, and I always think of the real reasons why we want a better life. Each person who is kept from his/her true potential, for reasons that are beyond their control, is a tragedy to me. Each person has value and the ability to contribute in this world, whether applying their innovation (of which Indians are blessed with) or devotion to their families to achieve a life they were meant to have.

Since co-founding WISA India and WISA Canada, I know I made the right choice, and I want young, ambitious Indians to have the same opportunities I had.

Is everyone ready for this leap forward? No.
Does everyone have what it takes to overcome obstacles in order to realize their dreams?

There is only one way to find out: to try. To be bold, and to take a risk. Albeit, calculated risk.
I believe in learning everything you can before taking a risk, but then you must take it. Fear is a lack of self-confidence telling you to play it safe. If I had listened to my fears instead of my dreams, I would never have made the move to Canada.

Canada is the place that said “Yes” to my goals and to my family, but success did not happen by itself. It happened because of the courage to take risks to explore life on the other side of the world, and to make a change in my life, despite the many obstacles in my way.

With our expert team at WISA India, you will be able to learn from my years of experience, as well as through the experience of our skilled professionals who know first-hand what is required to achieve your goals.

India Business Team

Manish Seth

Country Head

With more than 15 years of experience in managing English Language Proficiency Tests and helping 100s of clients to migrate to Canada and various other countries, Manish has helped many to fulfil their immigration dreams. He is here with all his knowledge and expertise to help and guide you through the right track. He is currently taking care of all the operations at WISA India to help and support individuals, couples and families to fulfil their Canada immigration dreams. He brings to the table a brilliant mix of knowledge, experience and understanding to help the WISA family grow, while creating better lives for our clients.

Immigration Advisors

Saif Ali

Madhu Basu Roy

Adeeba Masroor

Mohit Tyagi

Raksha Bharti

Media, Communications and Content team (India)

Abhishek Rai

Content Strategist


Dilshad Hassan

SEO Executive

Media and Web team (Canada)

Samantha Angel

Communications Director

Lisa Brennan

Lisa Marie Brennan

Content and Communications Coordinator

Miguel Lopez

Web Master

All Immigration Advisors