Canada Day marks the historical event of Canada’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1867. This significant holiday, which is observed every year on July 1st, commemorates the day Canada became an independent country. 

With the help of this article, let us learn more about the history of Canada Day.

Parades, celebrations, and numerous manifestations of Canadian patriotism are held to commemorate the eagerly awaited occasion. Subsequently, there are several ways to show your Canadian patriotism on this important occasion, whether you choose to throw your own celebration or take part in national festivities.

How to celebrate Canada Day?

Whether you’re a loyal Canadian who hasn’t chosen how to spend their Canada Day holiday, an immigrant experiencing their first Canada Day, or simply visiting Canada during this time, here are the top 7 activities to do on Canada Day, 2022:

1. Showcase your patriotism

On July 1, many people dress in the country’s red and white colours to express their Canadian patriotism. You may dress creatively or simply by wearing a shirt with a maple leaf or a Canadian flag on it. You may show your country pride by wearing apparel with Canadian inspirations from head to toe. More ways to show your creativity include nail painting, temporary tattoos, and body paint with Canadian themes. 

2. Display the Canadian flag

Show off your Canadian flag with pride, whether you wish to join in on the festivities or arrange your own. You can raise a flag outside your home, march with a banner in a Canada Day parade, or carry a flag on your shoulders. Also, it makes no difference how large your flag is, as long as you fly it with pride!

3. Throw a Canada Day BBQ or celebration

Invite your family and friends to celebrate Canada’s independence with you. Decorate your home with Canadian-themed party supplies, such as red and white streamers or red maple leaves. Also, dress everyone in their favourite Canadian-inspired clothes, and give beverages and snacks with Canadian themes.

4. Plan a trip

To fully appreciate Canada Day, spend some time touring the country and soaking in all of its natural and man-made beauty. Every city provides amazing possibilities, whether you seek an indoor or outdoor attraction. Subsequently, take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your knowledge of Canadian history, fauna, and gorgeous landscapes.

5. Enjoy the Parades

Several Canadian cities will hold parades of various proportions on Canada Day. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, an important symbol of Canada, usually takes part in parades. There may also be local floats or marching bands. You can search online for the parade route closest to you, as parades differ by city and province.

6. Visit a Canada Day celebration

Huge events with plenty of free attractions are held in several Canadian cities. Festivals may have magic performances, stilt walkers, bounce houses, and delicious cuisines. Many celebrations feature enjoyable activities for everyone, and some cities have free concerts and performances to commemorate.

Consider celebrating Canada Day in Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Ottawa hosts a stunning celebration that includes events throughout the day and a large fireworks show in the evening on the grounds and environs of Parliament House.

Also, the City of Toronto hosts an annual Canada Day celebration that includes circus shows, celebrity appearances, and musical guests.

7. Fireworks

No celebration of Canada Day would be complete without colourful and vibrant fireworks. Numerous cities put on their own distinctive fireworks displays, which are visible from various locations across the city. You may also search online for nearby locations with fireworks displays, but keep in mind that certain cities offer designated viewing places that necessitate the purchase of tickets.


You might be a native Canadian or a newcomer to the nation. However, Canada Day is an excellent opportunity to show your patriotism for the country you call home. Even if you are only passing through, you may join in the celebrations to get a taste of Canadian life and attitude.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun!

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