Canada is a beautiful country surrounded by true nature, breathtaking landscapes, pollution-free oxygen to breathe, a growing economy, and a world-class education system. Why would one not love to live in this country, full of natural and artificial resources. Move to Canada as a truck driver.

To live and survive in a country like Canada, you need specific specialised skills, and truck driving is one such skill. 

You might be wondering why?

Well, there are many reasons for it.

Firstly, the Government of Canada recently announced the new NOC 2021 codes, allowing professional drivers to apply for Canadian PR through the Express Entry Pathway.

Secondly, the Growth of the Canadian economy largely depends on its transportation and logistics sector. It, in turn, creates a huge demand for professional and skilled truck drivers.

Thirdly, the truck driving profession in Canada is a decent job offering several advantages and a handsome earning opportunity.

Fourthly, while working in this profession, you will have an opportunity to drive a large number of the most advanced and luxury trucks in the world, making this profession much more exciting, thrilling, and adventurous.

Ultimately, this profession in Canada is not limited to one place and person. You’ll get the opportunity to work with a number of individuals and explore a number of places, thus helping you build a wealth of good networks and memories for a lifetime.

Now that you know the benefits of migrating to Canada as a professional truck driver let us go through some data to justify these benefits.

There is a huge shortage of skilled and professional truck drivers in Canada, and the same can be observed through the following data.

As per recent news by ( there is a shortage of nearly 30,000 commercial truck drivers in Canada.

According to the Canadian trucking alliance (CTA), the vacancy rate in the trucking industry is nearly 8% compared to the 5.4% rate for general employment.

Why is there a truck driver shortage?

In Canada, truck drivers receive benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave, medical or dental insurance, short- and long-term disability coverage, and a pension plan. Furthermore, there are several job openings; Canada has been experiencing a truck driver shortage since 2021.

Truck driver shortages have been a long-standing concern in Canada. According to recent Canadian Trucking Alliance data, this is primarily due to the fact that approximately 25% of transport truck drivers are between the ages of 55 and 64 and are planning to retire in the future.

According to Statistics Canada, the Canadian trucking sector will face a shortage of around 48,000 long-haul truck drivers by 2024.

To balance the supply and demand gap by 2025, the country would require more than 17,000 additional truck drivers per year. 

To put it another way, this is your opportunity to enter the Canadian market and grow your career. Truck drivers are in higher demand than ever.

How much does a Truck Driver make in Canada?

Truck drivers in Canada earn an average yearly pay of roughly $47,049, or $24.13 per hour. Entry-level salaries begin at $39,598 per year, with the most experienced professionals earning up to $63,348 per year.

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