This is another way to migrate with your family while you watch your money grow in the sanest business climates. Your experience and business know-how are invaluable assets that can help you invest in your future with Canada’s fast-growing, diverse economy. The Canada Business Immigration Program facilitates the admission of business people as Canadian Permanent Residents. Apply Canada Business Visa From India With WISA India

Such business must be a new business intended to be operated in Canada and must meet the criteria of a qualifying business. Applicants are assessed against three requirements:

  • Commitment from a Designated Entity: letter of support from an angel investor, venture capital, or business incubator.
  • Language Ability in English, French, or both: must achieve at least benchmark level 5.
  • Settlement Funds: Depending on your family size, you must show enough money to support yourself and your family after you arrive in Canada.
business in canada

WISA consultants are happy to help our clients establish successful businesses in Canada and make a positive contribution to the Canadian economy. After all, when a business is successful, it is good for everyone involved.

People need money to not only survive, but to enjoy their lives. In exchange for their labor, businesses give money to people which they can then use to purchase everything from food to vacations. This helps a population survive and thrive.

Businesses also foster innovation and competition. By having multiple similar businesses in a market, healthy competition can create better goods and services.


Registering your business with the government

You may have to register with the government before you start operating your business, plus apply for a business number or tax account.


Before You Register Your Business

You will need to know:

Choose Your Business Type

To learn about your registration requirements and start the registration process, choose your planned business type:

Select a Good Business Name

Keep these things in mind when choosing a name for your business:

  • Be sure it reflects the product or service you offer or you may confuse prospective customers.
  • Think about how you want your business to be perceived.
  • Pick something that is easy to pronounce and remember.
  • Make it unique and distinctive to avoid confusion and legal issues.

Applying for business permits and licenses

There are permits and licenses that you may need for your business from all three levels of government. Our experienced team members can help you gather the correct documentation to start your business in Canada. Apply your Canada business visa with WISA India.