Manitoba is a province with safe cities, good air, and a diverse range of cultures and languages. The province has the oldest established PNP in the country.

Manitoba PNP Overview

Manitoba, one of Canada’s western Prairie provinces, is founded on years of strong agricultural productivity. By providing free public healthcare and education, the province also assures a bright future for your children. This also makes it one of the cheapest provinces to settle in. Also, the average house in Winnipeg is one of the cheapest in Canada. Winnipeg, has a population of around 762,000 people.

Subsequently aside from being one of the cheaper provinces to live in, Manitoba is rich in local attractions and provides its citizens with several work prospects and leisure alternatives.

In 1998, Manitoba was the first province with a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). Subsequently, as a tiny province with few arrivals, it relied on the PNP to advertise itself as a preferred location for talented immigrants.

The Manitoba PNP (MPNP), is a set of immigration routes that allow foreign persons to become permanent citizens of Canada. The Canada PNP is intentionally designed to recruit immigrants in areas that would help the province, such as skilled employees, workers in labor-shortage industries, recent graduates, and agricultural entrepreneurs.

Manitoba has been a huge immigration success story since its inception. Immigration has played a significant part in Manitoba’s population, labour force, and economic growth, according to the Manitoba PNP.

Subsequently the province operates four types of immigration channels:

1) Skilled Workers in Manitoba (SWM)

Skilled Workers in Manitoba consists of three immigration streams aimed towards workers who have previously obtained working experience or have job offers in Manitoba. Subsequently, candidates for this stream must be employed and residing in Manitoba at the time of application, or they may be asked to apply after attending an MPNP recruiting session overseas.

The three streams are –

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream
  • Manitoba Experience Pathway
  • Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

2) Skilled Workers Overseas (SWO)

Skilled Workers Overseas includes three immigration streams aimed at attracting skilled workers who can readily integrate into Manitoba’s workforce and subsequently adjust to living in the province. Subsequently, workers with experience in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations get priority in all streams of this category.

The three streams are –

  • Manitoba Skilled Workers Overseas Stream
  • Manitoba Express Entry Pathway
  • Manitoba Human Capital Pathway

3) International Education Stream (IES)

Recent graduates from Manitoba’s authorized post-secondary institutions can apply through this stream. Candidates for this category must have some work or business management experience from the province, either done after graduation or as part of an internship or co-op throughout their program of study. Within this stream, there are three options:

  • Manitoba Career Employment Pathway
  • Manitoba Graduate Internship Pathway
  • Manitoba Student Entrepreneur Pathway

4) Business Investor Stream (BIS)

The Business Investor Stream (BIS) in Manitoba is a combination of two immigration streams aimed at persons with firm management expertise who want to start a new business in Manitoba. Subsequently, the entrepreneurial stream is intended for general entrepreneurs with company plans in a variety of areas, whereas the farm investor stream is intended exclusively for farmers.

The two streams are –

  • Manitoba Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Manitoba Farm Investor Pathway

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