To assist employers to meet the labour requirements. Alberta has decided to lift restrictions on hiring temporary foreign workers, effective from May 1st. The change is also applicable to all pending applications submitted before May 1. 

Before May 1, there was a “refusal to process” list in the Alberta province. The list contained all the occupations for which employers in Alberta could not hire temporary foreign workers. 

According to the Alberta government, these were occupations with labour surpluses. Instead, Alberta was attempting to persuade firms to recruit jobless Albertans for these positions. This stops the hiring of temporary foreign workers. On the instruction of the provincial Alberta government, the Canadian government, which manages the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) was refusing to process TFWP applications for certain occupations. 

With around 88,000 job vacancies, this move by the Alberta government. This is being justified as a support system to fill these available jobs. 

The TFWP enables Canadian employers to fill vacancies with foreign workers when the Canadian job market falls short. Following the submission of an application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) by an employer. This is an evaluation being done on whether the hiring will have a positive or negative effect on the job market. Issuance of a positive or neutral LMIA, allows the foreign worker to submit a work permit application to the IRCC. 

Current Situation for temporary foreign workers in Alberta, Canada

Currently, Canada is going through a labour crisis. Most federal and provincial governments are relaxing laws to allow firms to hire more foreign workers. This aligns to augment the Canadian labour market. The federal government had already eased its TFWP restrictions in early April.

The province of Alberta has now done the same but will continue to monitor the situation and make necessary adjustments as and when required. 

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