Depending on your application and its requirement, you can be a Canadian citizen in a short period of time. You can start off with working, studying, or doing business in Canada or simply migrate and you are halfway on your citizenship journey. Once you fulfill all the requirements for your pathway to Canada, you may then apply for Canadian citizenship.

Citizenship application forms

Benefits of Canadian Citizenship

Being a Canadian citizen holds certain benefits that cannot otherwise be achieved.

  • You get voting rights. As a citizen, you are allowed to cast your vote in federal as well as in provincial and municipal elections. Second, you can run for public office.
  • You can choose to enter politics if you want to have a direct impact on how the country/province/city is run.
  • You can be called to serve jury duty. This is a great way to serve your country and help maintain order and the rule of law.
  • As a citizen you won’t have a limit on the duration of your stay, should you need to live abroad for some time.
  • Once you’re a citizen, you also don’t have to renew your citizenship or worry about losing your status.
  • Whether born in Canada or abroad, your kids will become Canadian citizens without having to go through all the steps you went through to get yours.

Path to Citizenship

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