With the help of its recently held draw under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program’s Express Entry-linked stream, the province of Alberta PNP draw invited 120 potential applicants with a minimum CRS score requirement of 473.

This draw was announced on 29 July. The CRS cut-off of 473 was the highest this year through the Alberta Express Entry. To be selected in this draw, candidates were required to declare an interest in coming permanently to the province and be employed in an occupation that promotes Alberta’s economic development and diversification.

As per the quota allocated by the Federal Government to Alberta Province for the year 2022, the province can invite 6,500 individuals under the provincial nomination program. In 2022, the province has invited 3,877 individuals under the provincial nomination. Additionally, the province has 1,150 Alberta Opportunity Stream applications and 400 expressions of interest in the Alberta Express Entry pool.

As per the latest trends, we can see that there is a large number of AAIP applications under the following NOCs and job categories: 

Job category NOCs
Food service supervisors6311
Retail sales supervisor6211
Administrative assistants1241
Transport truck drivers7511
Administrative officers1221
Early childhood educators and assistants4214
Retail and wholesale trade managers0621
Accounting technicians and bookkeepers1311 
Restaurant and food service managers0631

A large number of applications in the categories mentioned above implies that the processing of applications may take longer.

Alberta Express Entry Program

Alberta pnp draw may pick individuals and send them a Notification of Interest letter in their federal Express Entry profile based on available profile information in the federal Express Entry pool. Candidates in the federal Express Entry pool self-declare their profile information.

Suppose you get a Notification of Interest letter from Alberta and want to be considered for this stream. In that case, you must email a copy of the letter along with additional information to the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) within two weeks of receiving it. 

It is important to note here that even if you match the selection criteria, there is no assurance that you will get a Notification of Interest letter or be asked to apply. The number of potential candidates satisfying these requirements, the nature (occupation or sector) of submissions in AAIP processing queues, and the number of eligible nominations all impact notification of interest letters and requests to apply.