As per the recent IRCC reports, Canada’s immigration backlog has reduced to 2.2 million people. IRCC continues to minimise the amount of applications that do not satisfy service criteria, according to data.

WISA Time has gathered some information regarding the inventory in all lines of operation. This data is as shown below:


Inventory (in terms of number of persons)
3rd November, 2022 24,11,388 individuals
30th September, 2022 26,00,000 individuals
31st August, 2022 25,83,827 individuals
15th-17th, 2022 26,79,031 individuals
1st-6th June, 2022 23,87,884 individuals
30th April – 2nd May, 2022 21,30,385 individuals
11th – 12th April 2022 20,31,589 individuals
15th and 17th March, 2022 18,44,424 individuals
1st Feb, 2022 18,15,628 individuals
15th Dec, 2021 18,13,144 individuals
27th Oct, 2021 17,92,404 individuals
6th July, 2021 14,47,474 individuals

As per the reports, the Canadian government is planning to reduce the backlogs by processing nearly 80% of applications with the service standards.

With a total of 2.2 million applications in IRCC inventories, 1.04 million applications are pending within the service standards, and 1.2 million are in backlog (exceeding service standards). 

Talking about the Temporary residence applications, a total of 525,210 applications are within service standards, nearly 40% of 1,304,000 (the total number of applications for temporary residence). 

When it comes to Permanent residence, a total of 279,700 applications are within service standards which is nearly 46% of 603,700 (the total number of applications for permanent residence). 

Also, regarding Citizenship, 232,000 applications are within service standards which is 70% of the total of 332,000 applications for Citizenship. 

According to the government, they generated 4.3 million final judgments for permanent residents, temporary residents, and Citizenship between January and October 2022, compared to 2.3 million final choices at the same time last year.

By the end of March 2023, IRCC hopes to have a backlog of less than 50% across all lines of business. To assist in meeting this objective, on September 23, the department began moving to 100% digital applications for most permanent resident programs, with exceptions provided for those unable to apply online.

It includes citizenship applications, which are now entirely online for all candidates over the age of 18. The IRCC intends to make all citizenship applications, including those for minors under the age of 18, digital by the end of this year.

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