In a recently announced Expression of SINP Draws, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program has given 943 Canada immigration invitations. On September 7, 422 invitations were distributed through Saskatchewan’s Occupations In-Demand stream, with a minimum score of 70.

The draw also includes 521 invitations through the province’s Express Entry program, with a minimum score of 70 necessary. The targeted National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes for this draw were NOC 0016, 0211, 0911, 1114, 1224, 1225, 2131, 2142, 2172, 2174, 2175, 2222, 2241, 2242, 2243, 2253, 2263, 2272, 4164, 6221, 6222, 7205, 7246, 7311, 7312, 9212, 9231, 9232.

The Expression of Interest process in Saskatchewan is not complicated. You must submit your EOI profiles when you initially join the EOI applicant pool. When the process is finished, the authorities will select the most eligible EOI candidates and ask them to apply through regular draws. Candidates in this circumstance must submit a comprehensive application within 60 days. Once you have completed this process, SINP officials will assess your application and make a judgement.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a collection of Canadian immigration programs administered by the Government of Canada in partnership with individual provinces, each having its own set of rules and ‘streams.’ In a program stream, provinces and territories may, for example, target business people, students, skilled personnel, or semi-skilled workers.

Provincial governments handle PNPs based on their specific goals, whereas IRCC manages and decides on permanent residency applications.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Immigrants to Saskatchewan are classified into four categories under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP):

  • International Skilled Worker
  • Worker with Saskatchewan Work Experience
  • Entrepreneur
  • Farm Owner and Operator

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