WISA INDIA is know for offering specialized Pre-Post Landing Services to its clients. We offer these services to make our client’s immigration journey an easier and smoother one. These services can help you to:

  • prepare better for your Move to Canada
  • get your work experience, education, and credentials recognized in Canada
  • connect with the right employers to find a job matching your profile
  • connect with free services after you arrive in Canada

Pre-Landing Services @ WISA India

Our pre-landing services include:

General Information

Providing all the required general information and services related to immigration.

Qualification and Profile Evaluation

Assisting clients in determining their qualifications and profile scores with the help of regulatory authorities and professional evaluation bodies.

Immigration Updates

Advising clients on the current immigration scenario, rules, regulations, and essential requirements to fulfill the selection criteria.

Documentation Support

Our case managers are experts in submitting your immigration applications. They will take care of the proper submission of your documents.

IELTS Guidance

We will guide you to prepare for the IELTS exam while assisting you to get the necessary study materials and notes. We will also help you to connect to the right resources for your preparations.

Occupation Related Guidance

Providing professional guidance and support on clients’ desired occupation for the chosen country or destination.

Resume Building

Assisting clients in producing professional CV or resume according to the set guidelines of their chosen country.

Job Bank Support

Our experts will support you to create a job bank account while providing you a list of possible employers.

Post-Landing Services @ WISA India

General Information

With our post-landing services, we will provide information and guidance on licensing or professional registration requirements, examinations to be completed to get a license and registration in any of these countries, and so on.  

PR Card Assistance

In case you need an address for the delivery of your communications and PR card, we will assist you by providing our office address in Canada.

Airport Pickup

We will also provide you enough information on airport pickup facilities while guiding you on finding the subsidized rooms at Welcome Homes.

Accommodation Assistance

We will guide you to find temporary housing while you adjust to your new surroundings. We provide information about available and suitable lodging options in your new country. We can also help you choose a place to stay close to public transportation.

Job Guidance

We will also provide the required information and guidance:

  • To find the perfect job as per your profile, 
  • To get professional licenses and registrations, 
  • To prepare for licensing examinations.

It will ensure your easy, smooth, and early settlement. 

Social Insurance Number

A Social Insurance number is a 9-digit number provided by the government. It is more of a kind of identification that allows you to live in Canada. To work in Canada, every individual must have a SIN number. We can guide you to obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN). If you have SIN, you will be able to access government services and perks.

Getting a Bank Account

It isn’t easy to open a bank account in Canada. It’s even more complex on new land. A bank account is required for financial transactions, cash withdrawals, shopping, and reserving cinema tickets, among other things. Additionally, you will be amazed to know that most of the Canadian banks such as Scotiabank, RBC and so on, offer special benefits and banking packages to newcomers in Canada. We will guide you in getting a Newcomers Bank Account, Credit Card, Driving Licence, Government Card, and so on. 

Assist you in applying for CCTB

CCTB is a monthly payment made to the kid by the Canadian government based on the family’s income. It is primarily concerned with the child’s well-being. You are eligible for the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) if your children are under 21. We will guide you through the process to avail CCTB benefits.

Educational Support

We will also provide you additional information and support in locating education institutions for your children, obtaining insurance, and many other services. 

Health Card 

Don’t be worried about your health issues. We will inform and guide you about how to avail health care services and benefits in your desired country. We would also suggest ways to get your health card. Our experts will personally guide you from the start till you settle in your chosen country.

Additional Services

We organize seminars, workshops, and additional knowledge sessions to make you aware of social life, culture, banking, health, insurance, education, travel, support services, and so on, which would make your immigration journey much easier. 

If you are looking for more information on our pre and post-landing services, contact WISA experts at 1800 123 9212 or drop your queries at contactus@wisaindia.com.