It has been recently announced that Express Entry draws for candidates under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class will restart in early July 2022.

Immigrants are enthusiastic about the news. This is because Express Entry is one of the principal methods through which the Canadian government processes skilled worker applications.

For well over 50 years, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) had been Canada’s flagship and most popular economic immigration program. It allowed the Canadian government to admit tens of thousands of professionals and skilled workers from across the world through the FSWP based on their ability. It soon became the backbone of the Canadian labour market and allowed immigrants of certain skill sets to gain permanent residency in Canada. 

How did the pandemic affect the draws?

But the pandemic resulted in a temporary halt in all-program Express Entry draws. The IRCC saw a major reduction in its processing capacities along with many modifications to existing policies. To lessen the number of applications building up in processing centers, Canada has put a halt to the program’s invitation rounds from December 2020. To exacerbate matters, September 2021 saw a halt in the CEC draws as well. 

But Canada is currently facing several issues which have allowed the government to contemplate resuming these draws. Canada currently has the lowest unemployment record in its history along with a record number of job vacancies. An aging population that is set to retire over the next few years is also not helping matters for the labour market. Persistently low birth rates over the years have also affected the labour market. Thus, acquiring qualified skilled people has become an increasingly important priority for the Canadian government.

All the above reasons have contributed to the resumption of the Express Entry draws. The Canadian government also intends to steadily boost its yearly Express Entry admissions to more than 110,000 immigrants by 2024.

Reasons behind submitting your Express Entry profile as soon as possible:

Three months may seem like a lot of time, but it is better to be ahead in the race. 

1) It will allow you to get an ITA by early July.

Preparing and submitting an express entry profile takes time. Express entry documentation covers want information on travel papers, language exams, educational credential assessment reports, etc. it takes time to put all documents in one place. The sooner you begin preparing and collecting your documentation, the sooner you will be able to enter the Express Entry pool.

Your documentation is potentially submitted by July if you start the process now. This will allow you to quickly receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence (PR) when draws resume in July.

2) You can use the tie-breaking rule to your advantage.

Candidates ranked under the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) on a point-based system. In case of a tie-in points between the applicants, then the time and date of admission acts as a tie-breaker. Subsequently, the sooner you enter the pool, the faster you can apply in a draw.

3) Make the most of the PNP’s advantages.

The Provincial Nominee Program is one of Canada’s most important immigration routes. The initiative stimulates skilled worker immigration and also enables settlement in provinces around the country. Originally, each Canadian province had its chosen method.

However, with the implementation of the Express Entry system, the scenario changed. Several provinces and territories have constructed paths that are now linked with the federal system to speed up the immigration procedure. 

When you submit a profile in the Express Entry pool, you can choose a province. This way, you can receive a direct Express Entry invitation as well as be picked by the province you choose. Receiving a provincial nomination will increase your CRS score by 600 points. The higher your score, the more likely it is that you will obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR in a future draw.

Current Immigration Landscape

Currently, there are significant shifts in the Canadian immigration landscape. All the shifts are in favour of immigrants. It is the best time to pursue your immigration to Canada dreams. 

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