So, if you are looking for the best hands in immigration consultancy, look no further – meet the best team.

Because members of our team at Wisa have successfully settled into life in Canada, we know what it takes, who to ask for help, and how to make it all work. We take pride in our team of qualified and experienced consultants who have years of experience in the Canadian immigration process, and who stay up to date with the latest immigration policies. while adhering to the highest standards of IRCC procedures (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). WISA’s team and partners comprise fully licensed immigration practitioners (ICCRC Members), Lawyers, content managers, web developers, and support and advisory professionals.

WISA Corporate Advisory Committee (Canada)

Peter VanSickle

Peter VanSickle

Education Business Consultant, WISA Canada

With great experience and wide reach in the Toronto-area business sector and educational networks, Peter coordinates with top colleges to connect school administrators with our immigration consultants to continually expand  placement opportunities.

Rajive Mehrotra

Corporate Strategy Lead, WISA Canada

Together with his family, Rajive has spent his 20 years in Canada building successful business ventures in real estate, property management and construction.  Establishing strong roots and optimizing settlement efforts makes the difference between surviving and thriving in Canada, and the WISA executive team leverages Rajive’s insights in its core leadership strategy.

Media, Communications and Content team (India)

Sarvesh Singh

Founder & CEO Sunnyday Consulting – Marketing Partner WISA India

Media and Web team (Canada)

Samantha Angel

Communications Director

Lisa Brennan

Lisa Marie Brennan

Content and Communications Coordinator

Miguel Lopez

Web Master

Operations (India)