About Canada

Just like the proverbial saying, Canada may be likened to a land flowing with milk and honey, filled with opportunities and a thriving environment. No wonder its cities are some of the most visited places in the world! And this is for many reasons, such as studying, work, business, tourism and migration. Canada takes up about two-fifths of the North American continent, making it the second-largest country in the world in terms of land mass, and has the 10th-largest economy.

The country’s reputation of welcoming immigrants plays a large role in the Canadian identity. With more than 250 ethnic origins, Canada is a home to all. With regards to migration, Canada has one of the best migration acceptance rates and friendly immigration policies. It also takes a short period of time — a total of three (3) years as a Permanent Resident to become a citizen in Canada —  unlike other countries in view, which take up to as much as seven (7) years.

For the first time ever, Canada is named the No. 1 Country in the world overall,  according to the 2021 Best Countries Report, and takes a top spot in Quality of Life and Social Purpose.   It is also perceived as having a good job market, caring about human rights and is committed to social justice. Additionally, the country finished No. 1 in being viewed as not corrupt and respecting property rights. The 2021 Best Countries rankings surveyed a total of 17,326 individuals from 36 countries in four regions – the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East & Africa.

Canada is generally a very peaceful, safe and friendly country. Canada is the place you want to be, and the world knows it, too.

For over a century, immigration has been a means to support population, economic, and cultural growth in Canada. Millions of eligible people from around the world have chosen to reside in Canada and make it their new home. Whether seeking better economic opportunities, reuniting with family members, or seeking protection as resettled refugees or other protected persons, newcomers to Canada have been a major source of ongoing growth and prosperity.

Along with those who migrate to Canada permanently, many individuals come to Canada to stay temporarily, whether as a visitor, international student or a temporary foreign worker. Regardless of their pathway into Canada, they all contribute in a meaningful way to Canada’s economy, support the success and growth of various industries, and contribute to Canada’s diversity and multiculturalism.

Immigration has helped to build the country that the world sees today – a diverse society with strong economic and social foundations, and with continued potential for further growth and prosperity.

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