Working in Canada

If working abroad to gain international work experience appeals to you, or you simply want to improve life for your family,  this may just be the right program for you.

Many leave their country for greater professional satisfaction, a new work atmosphere, and more opportunities. They will opt for work visas in order to settle and work abroad. Every year, thousands of foreign workers enter Canada with the appropriate visa or permit.

If you are currently residing outside of Canada and wish to apply for a work permit, there are several mandatory documents you will need. Our consultants can help you with the visa process and with the documentation requirements. We provide all the information regarding obtaining a work visa in Canada and assist you every step of the way.

Work permits are generally required for foreign workers who wish to enter Canada to work on a temporary basis and ease skill shortages.

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is one of the streams to working in Canada and is an employer-driven program where employers must obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire foreign workers. If a positive LMIA is issued, the employer will provide it to the foreign worker to submit with his/her application for a work permit, which is typically issued for one year, if granted.

There are also work permits that are not restricted to an employer. For example, Open Work Permits. The distinctions among work permits and other options to working in Canada can be confusing. This is why we help you determine the right fit for you.

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“To rebuild a stronger economy, we need to have enough workers to maintain supply chains, allow businesses to expand and create more jobs for Canadians.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

"Put simply, we need more workers, and immigration is the way to get there."

The Honourable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Finding A Job Abroad

It may feel overwhelming to begin the search for employment in Canada. Before you start your job hunt, you must find out if you are eligible to work in your target country. You must also assess if your occupation is in demand, and then obtain a work permit if required.

In job-hunting, certain positions in Canada may require a person to know their National Occupation Classification Code (NOC Code). This code is used to classify all types of employment by Canadian standards. You need to select the right occupations and find out which companies are willing to sponsor your work visa.

Below are some of the steps for skilled workers to obtain jobs abroad:

  • Evaluate your profile for suitability of specific overseas jobs.
  • Search for overseas jobs on online search engines and overseas jobs websites.
  • Visit the country if you can afford it to network and search for jobs.
  • Prepare an electronic resume using the Canadian resume style of writing. This can be done yourself using available online resources, or utilize services of professional resume writers.
  • Market your profile in professional platforms, or avail professional job search services.

Benefits of Working in Canada

Working in Canada has many benefits. Canadian labour laws ensure that workplaces have a high degree of safety and that all employers follow certain laws and regulations to ensure the well being of their employees. In addition, Canadian wages are competitive, and employers are required by law, to offer wages equivalent to Canadian counterparts.

Some Canadian work permits enable the spouse and children of workers to accompany them to Canada. A significant benefit for those interested in immigrating to Canada permanently is that by gaining Canadian work experience, a foreign national increases their eligibility for a number of Canadian Permanent Residency programs.

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