Apply to the Alberta PNP Advantage Immigration Program

Alberta PNP also known as AINP Program. Alberta requirements offers a variety of pathways through which you can move to Alberta permanently. Each pathway has different eligibility requirements and application process. You can immigrate to Canada using these pathways and become a Canadian permanent resident or Canadian citizen. 

The immigration pathways to Alberta include federal programs (under Government of Canada) and provincial programs (under Government of Alberta). Particularly, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is designed to fulfil the requirements of the economic needs of the province.

Consequently, the AINP nominates individuals based on their job skills which can fill job shortages in the province or those individuals who are planning to start or starting a business in Alberta. Thus, the AINP is an economic program whose main aim is to nominate individuals who can help meet the province’s need for workers and entrepreneurs for permanent residency. Individuals nominated through this program can apply to become Canadian permanent residents together with their spouse or common-law partner, and dependent children. This program helps you to get an Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Note – While the Government of Alberta can nominate individuals for permanent residency but the final decision lies with the federal government. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) manages the permanent residence applications.

An Overview Of Alberta PNP

Geography – Alberta is located in western Canada and is one of the three ‘prairie provinces’ of the country. It is the fourth largest province in Canada based on size. It is a landlocked province where you will find the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, covered in lush forests in the north, while there are grasslands in the south. With warm wet summers and dry cold winters, the climate of Alberta is mostly continental in nature. Also, province is well endowed with natural resources and has vast reserves of natural oil and gas. It is also famous for national parks, such as Banff and Jasper. Calgary and Edmonton, two of Canada’s largest cities, are located in this province. It is an attractive place to settle in for immigrants.

Population – With a population of over 4 million people, Alberta is one of the most populous provinces of Canada. Based on population, it is currently the fourth largest province in the country and has seen rapid population growth in the past few years. In the past decade, many immigrants who were looking for better job opportunities have settled in this province. This has created a multi-cultural society which immigrants prefer.

Economy and Employment – Abundant natural resources, along with a strong agricultural base has made Alberta one of the most economically viable provinces in Canada. As the ‘Energy Province’ of Canada, the development of the fossil energy industry in recent years has led to an economic boom in the province which in turn has aided the development of a flourishing manufacturing sector. Alberta’s economy driven by its booming energy industry has one of the lowest unemployment rates among the Canadian provinces. The energy industry directly accounts for one in every 16 jobs in the province. It has a diversified economy. It is home to large farming and ranching industries and has a forestry industry which is worth over $6 billion annually. Individuals who immigrate to Canada prefer Alberta as it has a multitude of job opportunities in a variety of sectors. These job-opportunities spread across oil, finance, and tourism fields and are well-paid. Particularly, the cities of Calgary and Edmonton are internationally recognized as some of the top cities in the world to work.

Standard of Living – Alberta’s average wage and salary rates are higher than other provinces of Canada – a combination of low levels of unemployment and high demand for workers. The families in the province have the highest average combined income in Canada. Lowest personal taxes, no general sales tax, the lowest gasoline tax rate among the provinces, and low property taxes all combine to provide a high standard of living for those in Alberta.

The natural beauty of the province, an abundance of well-paying job opportunities, a high standard of living combines together to make Alberta one of the highly preferred destinations for immigrants.

Eligibility Requirements for Alberta PNP (AINP)

Alberta currently has six different immigration streams that you can select from if you wish to immigrate to Canada. Each stream has their own eligibility requirements.

Stream for workers – 

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream – Foreign nationals who are already working in Alberta and have an official job offer from their Alberta employer to continue working full-time in the province come under this stream. Candidates for this stream must fulfil a number of criteria, including work experience, a job offer, language competency, and education.
  • Alberta General Express Entry Stream – The stream enables the province to provide provincial nominations to candidates who have active profiles in the federal Express Entry system. Alberta will immediately take into account profiles from the federal Express Entry pool. In fact, the specific selection criteria are undisclosed. Consequently, AINP indicates that it will seek applicants who have strong links to Alberta and can contribute to regional economic development and diversity. Express Entry applicants who win a provincial nomination through this stream will have their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score raise by 600 points, essentially assuring them an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence in the next Express Entry draw.
    • Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway falls under the Express Entry stream and is open to applicants who are currently working in Alberta’s technology industry or who have received a job offer from that industry in 38 occupations identified by the province.
  • Rural Renewal Stream – This is a new stream for applicants who have a job offer in a rural Alberta community. The employment must be offered by an employer who is located in a designated rural community. Rural communities must apply to the AAIP to be designated. To apply under this stream, interested applicants must fulfil both community-specific and stream-specific standards. To seek nomination, candidates must additionally receive a ‘Endorsement of Candidate letter’ from a selected community.

Stream for Entrepreneurs – 

  • Rural Entrepreneur Stream – This stream was launched in February, 2022 for individuals who wish to buy or start a business in a select rural community in Alberta. Candidates that match the minimal eligibility standards for the stream may submit an Expression of Interest to be rated using the stream’s points system. Alberta may then invite the highest-ranking applicants to submit a Business Application in order to be considered for a provincial nomination.
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream – It targets foreign nationals with extensive experience owning and operating a farm who have the financial resources to launch a new farming operation in Alberta. Candidates for this stream must consult with the province and submit a highly detailed proposal outlining their plan to launch a new agricultural farm in Alberta.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream – It offers a pathway to permanent residence to international graduates from Alberta post-secondary institutions that wish to start and operate a business in the province. This stream uses a points-based Expression of Interest to rank system candidates. A detailed Business Application is to be submitted by those with the highest-ranking points. Successful applicants will be issued a nomination by the province, which can be used to apply for Canadian permanent residence.
  • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa – It offers a pathway to permanent residence to recent graduates who have completed a foreign post-secondary credential and who have an intention of starting and operating a business in the province of Alberta. Candidates who meet the minimum stream requirements can register a profile using AINP’s online portal and submit a Business Application for the chance to start a business in Alberta, and, eventually apply for permanent residence.

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