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Saskatchewan PNP Eligibility

Located in the western part of the country, Saskatchewan is one of the three ‘prairie provinces of Canada’. It is rich in farmlands and is considered one of the agricultural production hubs of Canada. It has major natural resources in the forestry and fishing groups. Saskatchewan and Regina are two of their important cities. Many individuals who immigrate to Canada are preferring to settle in Saskatchewan as it has significant job opportunities. Immigrants comprise more than 11% of the total population in the province. The different immigration pathways in the province have been inviting more than 14000 immigrants to settle there since 2015. Undoubtedly, high employment rates and diverse job opportunities are attractive to immigrants. Along with the easy housing option and multi-cultural society presence in the province.

The Saskatchewan province operates the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), which is a Provincial Nominee Program. It is a collection of different immigration pathways that allow individuals to become permanent residents in Canada. 

Particularly, SINP is designed to fulfill the requirements of the economic and labor market in the province. Thus, it attracts mostly working-class immigrants. 

Consequently, the SINP has been very successful as 7 out of 10 immigrants have entered the province through the SINP. 

Immigration Pathways under SINP 2024

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has different immigration pathways with different eligibility criteria. The pathways fall under four broad categories – 

  • Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker – This category comprises those streams which are aimed at the skilled workers who wish to join the workforce in the province and are willing to settle there. It consists of three pathways –
    • Saskatchewan Express Entry – This category is aligned with the Express Entry System. Further, it is the only ‘enhanced’ sub-category present within the SINP. This category is for candidates who have skilled work experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan.
    • Saskatchewan Employment Offer – This category is for those workers who already have a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer.
    • Saskatchewan In-Demand Occupation – This category is for highly skilled workers with experience in an in-demand occupation in Saskatchewan but who do not yet have a job offer in the province.
  • Saskatchewan Experience – This category comprises those streams which target workers who have already gained employment experience in Saskatchewan. Subsequently, these workers include foreign workers already residing in the province, current work permit holders and international graduates. It consists of five pathways –
    • Saskatchewan Existing Work Permit – For skilled workers with a valid work permit and who have been working in Saskatchewan for at least six months. 
    • Saskatchewan Health Professionals – for physicians, nurses, or other health care workers with at least six months of work experience in the province.
    • Saskatchewan Hospitality Sector Project – for food and beverage servers, food counter attendants, kitchen helpers or housekeeping and cleaning staff with at least six months of work experience in the province.
    • Saskatchewan Long-Haul Truck Driver Project – For workers in approved trucking firms and with at least six months of work experience in the province.
    • Saskatchewan Students – For students who graduated from a post-secondary institution anywhere in Canada with at least 24 months’ work experience in Saskatchewan. Students who passed out from an educational institution in Saskatchewan need only six months’ work experience in the province.
  • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm – This category comprises two streams that target individuals who wish to own and actively operate a business or a farming operation in the province of Saskatchewan.
    • Saskatchewan Entrepreneur – This stream is for general entrepreneurs with business proposals in a range of sectors. 
    • Saskatchewan Farm Owners and Operators – This stream is for entrepreneurs in the farming sector. 
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category – This category targets international graduates of eligible post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan, who are planning to start a business.

How to Apply for SINP 2024

The eligibility requirements of the different immigration pathways under SINP differ along with the process of application. In general, the process of application to SINP 2024 has three steps – 

  • Nomination Application – Saskatchewan provincial authorities can issue a Notification of Interest (NOI) to applicants who have registered an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Express Entry System for the province. The NOI consists of an invitation to apply for nomination. Additionally, applicants can also apply for nominations through the online portal of the SINP.
  • Receiving a nomination – The Saskatchewan province will further nominate the applicants once they satisfy the eligibility requirements in their preferred streams. This nomination enables applicants to apply for permanent residence in Canada to the IRCC. 
  • Visa Application – The IRCC upon due verification can grant a visa to the eligible applicant.

IELTS Requirement

You can only apply to the SINP if you have a minimum score of CLB 4. This is true for most subcategories of the SINP. In case you are an international skilled worker applying through the Express Entry System, you will need a minimum score of CLB (7) or higher. 

PNP Processing Time

The processing time is different for every category under the SINP. On average, the provincial authorities take 3 to 6 months to issue a nomination. The IRCC processing time can take anywhere between 6 to 19 months. 

Please click on this link to know more about the different eligibility requirements (including IELTS requirements), the application process, and the processing time for each sub-category of the SINP. 

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