Apply for Canada PR through British Columbia PNP

British Columbia PNP is one of the westernmost provinces of Canada. With a rapidly growing economy, British Columbia also has a high demand for skilled workers.

British Columbia PNP Overview

British Columbia PNP is one of the most diversified provinces in Canada, as well as one of the most attractive and popular tourist destinations. Also, it is one of the biggest cultural and economic forces to be reckoned with. With a population of approximately 4.5 million people, the majority of citizens dwell in Vancouver and Victoria, the capital city.

Agriculture, fishing, and mining are the most profitable economic sectors in the province. As a result of a robust and rising economy, career opportunities in construction, manufacturing, and education have also risen.

The province is also home to different categories of Provincial Nomination Programs  is subsequently designed to recruit and retain immigrants who are skilled workers, employees in labour-shortage industries, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Prospective immigrants with the necessary skills and experience may be eligible for a provincial nomination under British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee Program, formally known as the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program . The BC PNP is a set of immigration channels that allow immigrants to easily get Canada PRs.

The province of British Columbia PNP has two subsequent immigration channels.

1. British Columbia Skills Immigration

British Columbia Skills Immigration seeks foreign nationals with the skills to contribute to the province’s workforce. Subsequently, the paths within BC Skills Immigration prioritize immigrants with work prospects in BC and who can demonstrate the necessary experience to gain and sustain employment as BC citizens.

  • British Columbia Skilled Worker
  • British Columbia Healthcare Professional
  • British Columbia International Graduate
  • British Columbia International Post-Graduate
  • British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS)

Note – To apply to the BC Skills Immigration streams, candidates do not need to be Express Entry eligible. However, the majority of the programs under BC Skills Immigration provide a faster road to permanent residence for qualifying individuals who have an active Express Entry profile. Contact us to know the application procedure for each stream to see whether it has an Express Entry pathway.

2. British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration seeks foreign nationals and foreign corporations with a track record of achievement in business ownership, management, and investment. Subsequently, individual entrepreneurs with large personal net worth and worldwide firms with high yearly revenues may also immigrate via:

  • British Columbia by establishing new businesses.
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
  • British Columbia Strategic Projects

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