One of the least populated provinces in Canada, the Northwest Territories has over one million square kilometres of area and a population of little over 40,000 people. Consequently, this low local population has created a plethora of immigration prospects for foreign workers and businesses.

Northwest Territories Nominee Program Overview

The province is situated in northern Canada. Yellowknife is its capital city and the province is home to Canada’s largest lake, the Great Bear Lake.  

Production of petroleum and natural gas along with mining are the main economic activities in the province. Gold and diamond are the main mining ventures. Immigrants benefit from a variety of opportunities in the mining, transportation, and jewellery industries.

The province’s Provincial Nominee Program is called the Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP). It consists of a set of immigration channels that allow foreign persons to become permanent citizens of Canada.

The NTNP has both employer-driven immigration streams and business-driven ones. Through employer-driven immigration streams, the NTNP seeks people in skilled, semi-skilled, and low-skilled occupations. Its business-driven counterpart, on the other hand, invites entrepreneurs and company owners from all industries to start and grow new firms in this isolated northern area.

The province has several immigration channels grouped into three categories:

  • Northwest Territories Express Entry
  • Northwest Territories Employer Driven
  • Northwest Territories Business Driven

Northwest Territories Express Entry

Skilled employees from the federal Express Entry pool can apply through this stream for permanent residence in a more expedited manner. Candidates must have a job offer from a qualified company in the Northwest Territories.

Northwest Territories Employer Driven

To be eligible for the Northwest Territories Employer Driven streams, potential candidates need expertise in occupations designated as National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level 0, A, B, C, or D and a full-time, permanent employment offer from a qualifying company

This pathway is divided into two categories – 

Skilled workers stream

The NTNP Skilled Worker Stream allows the Northwest Territories Government to nominate persons who have obtained a job offer in a skilled position from a Northwest Territories firm. Applicants must have worked in the Northwest Territories for a minimum of six months before applying.

Entry Level /Semi-Skilled Occupations

The NTNP Entry Level/Semi-Skilled Occupations allows the Government of the Northwest Territories to assist companies in filling entry-level employment shortages when they are unable to locate a Canadian applicant locally or nationally. Applicants must have worked in the Northwest Territories for a minimum of six months before applying.

Northwest Territories Business Driven

The Northwest Territories Business Driven streams provide possibilities to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start a new venture in the Northwest Territories. While the program invites submissions from all economic sectors, firms that provide a major benefit to the Northwest Territories economy or develop a new product will be prioritized when applying for provincial nomination.

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