Apply for the Nova Scotia PNP Program (NSPNP)

The Nova Scotia is one of the smaller provinces of Canada. In spite its smaller area it is one of the most favoured immigration destinations. 

Immigrate to Nova Scotia through the PNP Program

Nova Scotia pnp is a small Maritime Canadian province located on the east coast of Canada. It is a major center for culture and arts and known for its coastal beauty. The capital city is Halifax which is also a major port. 

Traditionally a fishery-based economy, Nova Scotia currently has an economy that is dependent on off-shore oil rigs and tourism. The province also has a rapidly growing information and technology industry. Subsequently, the province is world’s largest exporter of Christmas trees, lobsters, and wild berries. Consequently, the economy of Nova Scotia provides immigrants with exciting work options in areas like as commerce and export, fishing, and tourism and a high standard of living. 

The province is home to different categories of Provincial Nomination Programs (PNPs) designed to recruit and retain immigrants capable of filling labour needs and making substantial contributions to local economies and communities.

Prospective immigrants with the necessary skills and experience may be eligible for a provincial nomination under Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program, formally known as the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP). Subsequently, the NSNP is a set of immigration channels that allow immigrants to become permanent citizens of Canada.

The Nova Scotia province has eight immigration channels.

Nova Scotia Immigration Channels:

1) Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry

Applicants having either a legitimate employment offer from a Nova Scotia business or work experience in one of Nova Scotia’s in-demand vocations can apply for a provincial nomination under this stream. Successful candidates from the federal Express Entry pool can apply through this stream for permanent residence in a more expedited manner.

2) Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry

Candidates who want to live and work permanently in Nova Scotia and has at least one year of experience working in a high skilled occupation in Nova Scotia can apply for permanent residency through this stream. This program is also linked to the federal Express Entry immigration system, allowing successful candidates to have their immigration petitions processed more quickly.

3) Nova Scotia Skilled Worker

The Nova Scotia Skilled Worker stream allows Nova Scotia firms to hire foreign employees and recently graduated international students whose talents are in high demand in the province. If a skilled worker obtains a job offer from a Nova Scotia business, he or she may be eligible to apply through this stream to expedite their immigration process.

4) Nova Scotia Physicians

The stream is intended to assist public health institutions in the province in meeting key labour requirements. Nova Scotia can nominate persons who have a legitimate employment offer from a Nova Scotia health organisation through the Physicians stream. 

5) Nova Scotia Entrepreneur

Experienced business owners or senior business managers who want to invest in and run a Nova Scotia firm can apply for permanent residency through this stream. Applicants must have a considerable net worth and be ready to use their business management skills to establish a new firm or acquire an existing business in Nova Scotia in order to qualify. After one year of conducting a company in Nova Scotia, candidates may also be nominated for permanent residence status.

6) Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur

An applicant who is a recent graduate from a Nova Scotia university or college can apply for permanent residency through this stream. Further eligibility requirements include having formed or purchased a Nova Scotia firm and have been in operation for at least one year. 

7) Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

The Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream also seeks Express Entry applicants who have worked in exceptionally high-demand occupations in the province. As of August 2018, this stream is only accepting applications from Early Childhood Educators and Assistants (NOC 4214).

8) Nova Scotia Occupations-In-Demand

Workers with a job offer from a Nova Scotian business in an in-demand field are targeted by the Occupations In Demand stream. Currently, the only jobs eligible for this program are NOC 3413 (nursing aides, orderlies, and patient service associates), NOC 7511 (transport truck drivers), NOC 7521 (heavy equipment operators (excluding crane)), or NOC 7611 (nurse aides, orderlies, and patient service associates) (Construction trades helpers and labourers).

Atlantic Immigration Program

Nova Scotia is one of four Atlantic provinces collaborating with the federal government to recruit foreign workers to fill labour shortages in the region. Subsequently, foreign nationals interested in the Atlantic Immigration Program may be resident overseas or in Canada on temporary status at the time of application.

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